Walking: Scenic steel strolling

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This is a walk with plenty of up. We climb from Stocksbridge Town Hall to Bolsterstone, before descending to the Ewden Valley. The route then climbs to Spout House Hill, with views across to the Pennines, the Ewden Valley and Wharncliffe Crags. We then descend into Glen Howe Park before ending on the main road through Wharncliffe Side where you can catch a bus back to Stocksbridge.

1. From Stocksbridge Town Hall cross the road by the pelican crossing, turn right, then left before taking the cobbled path up the hill, passing Lidl on your right.

2. At the top of the path, cross Victoria Road and go up Stanley Road. Following the public footpath signs, swing left through the car park to pick up the path which runs along the edge of Bracken Moor playing fields.

3. Cross Coal Pit Lane and go into Spink Hall Close. Take the alleyway between the houses. At the end, turn right and go up to the end of Princess Drive. Go up the alleyway which is straight ahead of you.

4. Cross Hollin Busk Lane and take the footpath between the houses and up across fields. You will pass through a series of five gates before you arrive in Bolsterstone.

5. Pass both the Castle Inn and St Mary’s Church on your right. Then take the left turn down Morehall Lane (aka Sunny Bank Road). After about 150 m, take the footpath on the right. Follow the path down the hill, passing the house. Continue downwards. After passing through three fields, you will emerge onto New Mill Bank.

6. Go left down the road for about 300m until the next junction. Go left up Race Lane. After about 200m, take the path right down the hill. Continue, across two fields, to the road by the side of Morehall reservoir.

7. Turn right and follow the road to the junction. Swing left along New Mill Bank Road and over the bridge. Follow Jack Lane to your left. After about 150m take the footpath, number 12, on the right. Go up the field, aiming for the bungalow.

8. At the top of the second field, go over the stone stile, right onto the farm track then left up the marked path and cross the stile.

9. Go right up Rocher Lane. This is a very steep climb. As the lane swings right take the path up the steps on the left.

10. Go straight up the bank then swing left. Aim for the quarry on the high ground ahead. As you cross the field, a wooden stile will come into view in the top left corner.

11. Cross the stile and then cross the field, bearing left towards the quarry. Cross the stile and then down and across the wooden bridge before climbing out onto Bank Side.

12. Turn right and go up the road until it swings right. Take the footpath, number 17, up to the left. Scramble up to the field. Head diagonally up across the field. A gate post with footpath markers will come into view. At the gate post turn left and follow the farm track up the hill to the old quarry. There are excellent views from here. To the west are the Pennines, with Pike Lowe, Ewden Heights and Whitwell Moor. Broomhead Reservoir dam can be seen, and then Ewden Village, with Bolsterstone on the top of the hill, and Hunshelf Bank beyond.

Continuing round the panorama takes in More Hall Reservoir and Wharncliffe Crags with Wharncliffe Chase above.

13. At the top of the hill cross the open ground heading, SE, for the tree and the gate. Go over the (wobbly) stile on the left of the gate. Then take the right track, SW, towards the communications mast.

14. Pass through another metal gate, then swing left across the field heading for the gate onto Onesmoor Road.

15. Turn left and follow the road for almost a mile. You will go across two crossroads, each with a guide stone.

16. As the road starts to descend take the footpath, number ‘30,’ to the left, opposite the ladder stile.

17. Go down the field keeping the wall to your right. Enter the woods and follow the main path diagonally to your right.

18. There are a number of left forks. Do not follow these. Continue along the path, keeping the dry stone wall on your right. After descending, you will reach a T-junction. Bear right. This bends to the left, following the line of a wall on your right. After crossing a stream, you will reach a ladder stile by the gate.

19. Immediately after the stile take the marked path to the left through the wall. Continue across three fields keeping the wall to your left.

20. You will reach Lumb Lane. Turn right and then, after about 40m, at the junction cut back left down Acre Lane.

21. After about 300m, at the junction with Owler Gate, cross the road and go up the drive towards the house.

22. After the house, at the sign for Foldings Farm take the lane to the right and go through the white wooden gate. Go right between the sheds and head down the hill.

23. At the bottom of the field go through the narrow gate. Go through the next field, keeping to the top of the field. Pass through into the next field.

24. The footpath enters the woods (Glen Howe Park) about halfway down the hill between large holly bushes. Keep right on the path, ignoring the plank bridge.

25. There are many paths through the Park. After a short section across a field take the wide path to the left into the woods. Pass the timber shelter and proceed to the Ewden pack horse bridge.

26. Do not cross the bridge. From the bridge take the path down the woods, past the houses and out through the main gate

27. At the junction turn left up the track, Storth Lane, signed as a restricted byway. After 10m take the footpath, on your right, through the wall.

Follow the path by the stream. Swing slightly left to leave the field by the far corner.

28. Cross the lane, School Lane, then take the path through the wall and go down to Main Road, the A6102. Turn right for the Wharncliffe Arms or left to go to The Blue Ball and shops.

Bus stops for both Sheffield and Stocksbridge are situated on the main road (A6102).

Stocksbridge to Wharncliffe Side via Bolsterstone

• Length 6.5 miles

• Grade – This is a demanding walk with plenty of ascents. The paths are well marked with a section on quiet roads. Some sections can be rough and/or boggy

• Start – Stocksbridge Town Hall

• Grid Reference – SK 273 983

• Maps – OL1 Dark Peak, OS Explorer 278

• Public transport – the 57 and SL1/SL1a buses pass both the start and finish.

• Refreshments – Stocksbridge town centre, The Castle Inn in Bolsterstone, The Blue Ball and the Wharncliffe Arms in Wharncliffe Side

• Public Toilets – coin-operated unit opposite Stocksbridge Town Hall

• This walk is described, in detail, on Stocksbridge Walkers are Welcome Stocksbridge Walkers website.