'What is wrong with people?' asks councillor as he has to clear dumped rubbish from wood

A Sheffield councillor has asked ‘selfish’ perpetrators to ‘please stop it’ after collecting five large bags of rubbish full of everything from takeaway food to Covid masks from a verge on Ecclesfield Road.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 2:28 pm

Peter Price, Councillor for Shiregreen and Brightside since 1972, was appalled by the ‘selfish destruction’ of the environment around Woolley Wood, an attractive beauty spot near Meadowhall.

This comes after residents’ complaints of litter issues and over-flowing bins in beauty spots across the city, including Rivelin Valley, Crookes Valley Park and the Bolehills.

The councillor was so frustrated that he took it upon himself to collect a host of the rubbish and drop it off at Wincobank Village Hall for the council to pick up.

"Please stop it": the five bags collected from Wooley Wood Bottom

Coun Peter Price said: “Last Saturday I collected and filled five large bags of rubbish collected in two and a half hours over just 200 yards.

"Not, I might add, in Page Hall which seems to get all the adverse publicity, indeed it was not near any houses or shops.

"I collected this along the Ecclesfield Road verge, on Woolley Wood bottom and is a product mainly of car riders who seem to have no compunction in throwing their rubbish through their car windows as they drive on to Meadowhall and back.

"Beer and pop bottles, glass and plastic, takeaway food, bags and containers, crisp and sweet packets, Covid masks, you name it. Examples of just about all the rubbish that would normally fill our bins at home was there.”

Coun Peter Price taking the collection to the Wincobank Village Hall for the council to pick up

The veteran councillor is blaming ‘selfish Sheffield residents’, and believes everyone should take it upon themselves to keep The Outdoor City free of rubbish and litter.

Coun Price said: "This is in addition to the bags of stuff deliberately dumped there. Just what is wrong with people?

"We can’t lay this at the door of immigrants, a group often blamed when it comes to litter.

"This is mainly selfish Sheffield residents who seem unwilling to take their rubbish home with them and could not to care less what destruction they do to our environment.

Now, Coun Price is pleading for the perpetrators to stop it as the ‘destruction’ is ruining the iconic wood daffodils and bluebells.

He added: “In a few weeks time Wooley Wood bottom will look magnificent with hundreds of daffodils that our Community Assembly planted a few years ago.

"This is addition to the wonderful bluebells in woods.

"Can’t our communities be allowed to enjoy this wonderful spectacle without a minority of selfish idiots doing their best to ruin everything the people in Wincobank and Shiregreen enjoy.

“Will the culprits please stop it.”