Philosopher’s award for stand against sexism

Jennifer Saul, Univesrsity of Sheffield
Jennifer Saul, Univesrsity of Sheffield
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A PROFESSOR at the University of Sheffield has become the first person in the UK to receive the Distinguished Woman Philosopher Award.

Prof Jenny Saul, who will receive the honour at a ceremony in Washington DC in December, is praised for “leading feminists forward to new ways of thinking and connecting”.

She is one of the founders of and co-bloggers for Feminist Philosophers, which campaigns against sexism and gender bias and aims to tackle under-representation of female philosophers at academic events across the world.

Prof Saul, of the university’s Department of Philosophy, is receiving the annual award given by The Society for Women in Philosophy, described as demonstrating “courage and leadership” and a willingness “to take a public stand against sexism everywhere, especially in our profession”.

She said: “I’m deeply honoured and absolutely stunned by this.

“It’s especially wonderful to be recognised as making a difference in people’s lives by doing philosophy. For me, that’s the highest honour there could be.”

Prof Mike Braddick, Pro Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, said: “This is a wonderful accolade. The committee judges that Professor Saul ‘has done a great deal to make all our lives better… as both a mentor and scholar’. This is precisely the kind of impact we would all like to have.

“I am delighted for her and her example brings great credit to the University of Sheffield.”