House is not ‘home’ for Sheffield folk

Home is what you make it..
Home is what you make it..


At least 40 per cent of people living in Sheffield claim their house is not a ‘home’, according to new research.

Furthermore, 39 per cent of homeowners in the city are not in their ‘for ever home’ and six per cent say it is just somewhere they “hang their hat”.

According to the survey of 1,000 UK homeowners by Anglian Home Improvements, nearly half of Sheffield’s householders said they have never felt house proud, and 36 per cent admitted their property needs a facelift, to make it feel more like home. 

This is despite the fact that 46 per cent of people from Sheffield admit they have serious house envy, and fancy more outdoor space, a bigger kitchen, and a fabulous layout.

The study also revealed that the average homeowner from Sheffield spends almost five and a half hours a week attempting to make their house feel like a home, from researching décor ideas, to carrying out DIY, re-arranging furniture and sprucing up the garden.

When it comes to what makes a house a home, a massive 70 per cent of people from Sheffield said happiness is the key ingredient. More than half say it is love, and 49 per cent believe it is safety and security.

Freshly laundered sheets on the bed instantly turn bricks and mortar into a homely sanctuary for 46 per cent of people from the city; while 42 per cent think the sound of laughter and having a place just for you in the house help to create a cosy home.

A bath and shower, pets, and collections of books and paintings are also a must for homeowners in Sheffield. A quarter said their ideal location for their dream home would be on the coast overlooking the sea, and 21 per cent said it would be in the countryside.

Making a house feel like a home comes at a cost, with the typical homeowner in Sheffield forking out £75 a month on home improvements, equivalent to £900 each year.

In fact, over half said they come to blows with their other half when discussing sprucing up their property and the costs involved.

A spokesperson for Anglian Home Improvements said: “It comes as no surprise that happiness and love are what make a house a home, and that we’re all prepared to invest so much in to turning a property into our haven and a space we can be proud of.

“At Anglian, we’re aware there are many ways to make the place you live feel more comfortable and homely, from making it feel secure, to the smallest of touches such as an ultra-comfy sofa, or fresh sheets on the bed.”

Other must haves to create an ideal home, include pets (39 per cent), collections of books, paintings or dvds (39 per cent), a well-stocked fridge (36 per cent),and  children (36 per cent).