Sheffield super slimmer sets up her own class

Becky Bollington, of Westfield, Sheffield, who lost weight for her wedding.
Becky Bollington, of Westfield, Sheffield, who lost weight for her wedding.

Super Sheffield slimmer Becky Bollington is hoping her new role will carry weight in the community – in the right place.

The childminder has trained as a Slimming World consultant and launches her first group in Mosborough tonight.

The 24-year-old is hoping she will be able to inspire and lead those struggling with their weight – after losing almost three stones herself just last year.

Becky, who lives in Westfield with husband Simon and their two-year-old son Rohan, said: “I’d been comfortable at about a size 14 until I got pregnant and then, in the 18 months that followed, I ballooned to a size 22.

“The pivotal moment came when I was on a weekend away in Edinburgh last January and realised I couldn’t even get my ‘fat jeans’ zipped up anymore.

“I joined Slimming World a few days later.”

Becky began to see results straight away and, by her wedding that July, had slimmed down from 14st 8lb to 12st 2lb.

Becky said: “I used to cook almost everything out of jars and packets and, because you don’t know better, you think you’re making healthy choices, until you’re educated as to what is actually in them. Now I cook from scratch and nothing goes into my family’s food unless I put it there.”

Becky was so inspired by her transformation, she decided to train as a Slimming World consultant, to help guide people through the same process she had been through.

She said: “My favourite thing about my job as a childminder is seeing the change and progress in children I look after.

“With Slimming World it’s that same feeling of pride and satisfaction as you see the people around you improving their lifestyle and fitness.”

Becky’s first session is tonight, at the Elim Church, Queen Street, Mosborough, at 5pm.

Abi Jenkins, local Slimming World manager, said: “Becky is an inspiration and we’re confident she will be successful.

“She’s determined and we believe she will inspire many able and less-able people to embrace the idea that life’s too short and they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.”

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