TECH TALK: AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Camera

Sport has always been a great passion of mine.

Friday, 17th May 2019, 15:45 pm
AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Camera

As a former footballer, tennis player and now frequent runner, it is something that has consumed a large chunk of my life, whether it be taking part or watching it on TV from the comfort of an armchair.

With technology developing so fast these days, the way we are able to watch and analyse sport is constantly improving. GPS watches, smart vests, heart monitors... no stone is left unturned when it comes to compiling stats and data.

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Camera

And now there's the visual revolution thanks to devices like the EK7000 Pro 4K, the new waterproof action camera from AKASO.

With electronic image stabilisation, touch screen adjustable view angle and a wireless remote control, the EK7000 is perfect for any outdoor adventure, delivering 16-megapixel photos which can capture every active moment in crisp detail and clarity.

For me the camera's biggest plus is its versatility, so don't be too overwhelmed when you open the box to find a number of accessories including various bicycle stands, a helmet mount, waterproof case and clips, and even a bandage!

Also included is a USB dual charger along with two batteries which can each record up to 90 minutes of video, allowing adrenaline junkies and sport-lovers to reminisce with an impressive three hours of footage.

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Camera

Unlike many other cameras, this one is waterproof, so it's ideal to use for water sports such as swimming, surfing and snorkelling.

Deep sea divers can use it too as the camera has a special 'diving mode' which helps compensate for the lack of red light in underwater scenes.

And there's another string to the EK7000's bow... it can also double-up as an in-car dash-cam.

As a lover of Formula One, I was always fascinated by the on-board footage showing Nigel Mansell screeching round the circuits of Monaco and Silverstone.

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Camera

But to think I can recreate those kind of scenes in my humble Ford Focus - without Nigel's speed of course - brings a whole new dimension to the world of motoring.

With multi-functions such as 'loop recording' and 'upside down', the camera can also record any untimely scrapes or accidents which could help provide crucial evidence for insurance claims.

The wireless remote control is a handy addition, meaning users can easily operate the camera without having to fumble around to find the right buttons.

Built-in Wi-Fi makes it simple to share clips and images with friends and family and with the iSmart DV phone app you can instantly link to sites such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Camera

Personally, I wouldn't be without the EK7000 because with this camera, the world really is your oyster.

The AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K is available for £76.00 from Amazon UK and

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Camera
AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Camera
AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Camera full package