TECH TALK: Ezviz C3A HD1080p Wireless Security Camera

HOME security is a priority for many home owners today and advances in technology are making doing your utmost to protect your belongings easier and more affordable.

Monday, 13th May 2019, 15:06 pm
Ezviz C3A HD1080p Wireless Security Camera

One such piece of tech is the Ezviz C3A surveillance camera, which works as a standalone device alongside the free app, or can work with one of the Ezviz hubs, that allow other cameras and home-security equipment to be bolted on to provide a home security network.

What makes the C3A easy and affordable is that it's battery powered, so no pricey wired installation by a qualified electrician is necessary. A screw in the wall, fencepost or even a tree, perhaps, is all that is needed, and the C3A is good to go.

It can of course be used inside the home, but then you're wasting its IP65 rated weatherproof housing capability and wireless portability and Ezviz has its own range of interior cameras anyway.

Ezviz C3A HD1080p Wireless Security Camera is simple to mount

Connecting to your wifi is straightfoward, the free Android or ios app having a reader facility that easily gets your camera connected in minutes by scanning the QR code on the camera or instruction manual.

With its HD 1080p wide-angle lens, the C3A has a 126° view and even in the dark delivers a crisp picture from up to 7.5m away thanks to the built-in night vision. The device also allows normal and UHD recording, though, in my opinion, the former may not be quite clear enough depending on your siting of the camera, and the latter is possibly over-egging the pudding and taking up unnecessary extra storage space.

The camera also works as a two-way radio, which means you can have a conversation from anywhere with anyone when you are using the application on your mobile device, telling would-be intruders to scram or even the window cleaner that he's missed a bit.

A nice little feature I liked is, in the event of an undesirable person on your property, you get the notification, you see the intruder - a quick press of a button takes his or her picture.

The C3A has an IP65 weatherproof rating

At the time of writing the camera has only just been installed so battery length is as yet untested, but reports suggest the camera can last for three months before a recharge is necessary. This is also helped by the camera having a sleep mode to preserve battery life.

Charging is done by gently easing the device, which contains a strong magnet, from its multidirection-enabling half-sphere mount and plugging into the included wall socket via a mini-usb cable.

The camera supports a micro sd card up to 128gb for recording footage, or this can be done via the Cloud where a subscription is needed.

The C3A is designed to monitor in all conditions and light levels, switching between day and night modes automatically. It is equipped to alert homeowners of any activity thanks to its Smart Human Technology which notifies, using PIR technology, any people approaching the property and can decipher whether motion is derived from a pet or human movement, when a notification would be made, but not when there are more subtle activities such as insects, the curtain moving or change of light. The C3A is also compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Ezviz C3A HD1080p Wireless Security Camera can be sited wherever you wish

In summary, a nice piece of kit to allow you more piece of mind for a respectable price.


C3A Camera and 5,500mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Instruction manual

Ezviz C3A HD1080p Wireless Security Camera

Fixing kit

Wall charger and USB cable

The Ezviz C3A is available from Amazon for £149.99.

The C3A supports a micro SD card up to 128gb for recording footage