TECH TALK: RevoNext RX8S Earphones

Starting with the box, a strong a stylish white affair, you know you are getting into something substantial.

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 5:10 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th May 2019, 6:10 pm
RevoNext RX8S Earphones in black

The clean look continues inside, with RevoNext's three-driver, in-ear monitors, featuring one dynamic driver and two balanced armatures.

A two-pin adapter from cable to monitor means each section can be replaced. The braided cable is flexible and strong, with a splitter tie, from left to right channels.

Suitable for most smartphones, conversion to Bluetooth is possible using the RevoNext Bluetooth cable adapter (B02).

RevoNext RX8S Earphones in blue

The test pair had transparent exteriors to highlight interior workings, while three sizes of silicone ear tips ensure maximum comfort. The RX8S are also available in blue, red and black.

On first view, the ear pieces appear a little bulky but, with the correct tips, they are surprisingly snug.

Sound definition is clear and bright, leaning towards the top end but certainly bereft of any metallic clang. There is also minimal volume bleed, much to the approval of work colleagues.

And everything can be stored in a flexible, funky case that, when squashed open, is amusingly reminiscent of a Pac-Man.

RevoNext RX8S Earphones in red

Overall, a quality product at a value-for-money price at £33.60

RevoNext RX8S Earphones in transparent