Telegraph Gardening: Rain’s powers of renewal

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Spring was wonderful and June is here already with an explosion of colour - oriental poppies, aliums, foxgloves, clematis, lupins, geraniums, aquilegias, delphineums, geums to mention but a few.

We have had some much needed rain which has freshened the plants and everything is absolutely thriving.

Hackney Colliery Band at Unity Works in Wakefield

Hackney Colliery Band at Unity Works in Wakefield

Time to clear away daffodil and tulip leaves or lift the bulbs and store in a dry place ready to plant again later in the year.

Make sure to dead head plants which seed freely if you don’t want them to take hold everywhere.

Otherwise let them self set and they can be potted on when big enough to plant elsewhere or share with friends and neighbours.

Our foxgloves and aliums are buzzing with bees even more than usual because the bees have nested in two of our bird boxes.

They are quite active around the nest but will not cause a problem if left alone.

We also have a robins nest made in the middle of a fuschia plant hanging in the gazebo.

The babies have hatched and are now flying around.

I can’t believe how chubby they have become in such a short time.

If you have had spring flowering shrubs, now is the time to prune them and next year they will flower on this years new growth.

I have grown quite a few annual seeds, rudbeckia which are half hardy, cleome, violas, nasturtiums and a few others which are useful as fillers if you find a few spaces in between other plants.

I have just planted my dahlias now the risk of frost has gone having taken a few cuttings first.

In the greenhouse I have quite a few streptocarpis plants coming along nicely which I have propagated from leaf cuttings and several eucomis which I have grown from seed taken from my plant last year.

I find it amazing to watch seeds germinate and grow and then pricking them out to make so many plants from just a pinch of seed.

I have also managed to get the blue poppy seeds taken from my plants to germinate.

I find them difficult to grow but have pricked quite a lot out and they seem to be taking nicely – if I get one plant I will be over the moon!

Our next open day is Sunday, June 25, from 11am to 5pm for the National Garden Scheme.

This year is the 90th anniversary and to date they have raised £50 million by people in the scheme opening their gardens.

It would be lovely to meet some Telegraph readers if they would like to visit on the day.