The tonic of Sheffield

Dr Patricia Fisher with the Linear Accelerator at Weston park Hospital
Dr Patricia Fisher with the Linear Accelerator at Weston park Hospital

Dr Trish Fisher is clinical director of specialised cancer services at Weston Park Hospital. She came to Sheffield in 1993 as a trainee doctor and five years later became a consultant specialising in lung cancer and mesothelioma. Dr Fisher is also a trustee of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, which helps to finance world-class cancer research, cancer treatment and cancer care at the hospital – one of just three stand-alone cancer hospitals in the UK. She lives in Grenoside with her partner Glyn Williams, an acupuncturist who is about to open his own complementary therapy clinic.

Weston Park Hospital

Although it may sound clichéd, being at work is genuinely one of my favourite places. I feel very privileged to be able to offer hope to people when they’ve just been diagnosed with lung cancer and are facing such an uncertain future.

I’m also very lucky to be practising in a very exciting time. For many years the treatment options for patients with lung cancer have been very limited but in the last 10 years we’ve seen some real advances in drug treatments and in radiotherapy technology.

I can now discuss with patients the options that they have and we can attempt to tailor treatment much more personally to optimise the chance of benefit and to reduce potential side effects. Research is very important in the field of cancer so that we are continually learning how to improve the outcomes for patients and Weston Park has always been at the forefront of cancer research nationally.

We’re very much supported in this by the cancer charity. The charity helps us to make sure that the patient experience is as good as possible by upgrading our facilities – our lovely day case chemotherapy unit continues to impress many visitors.

The charity runs many important fundraising events and has recently opened a shop in Crookes. We are incredibly appreciative that when patients and their friends and families are going through such difficult times that they think of us and make such generous donations.

Wheata Woods and Prior Royd

We’re lucky to live five minutes’ walk from the woods and at the weekend I enjoy a stroll in just about any weather – though I draw a line at heavy rain! It’s very restful to be in the open air, surrounded by nature and listening to the birds. I love it at this time of the year when the weather warms up and each week something has changed as the trees and flowers start to blossom, and the little white and sometimes jet black lambs are gambolling in the fields.

Goodwin sports centre swimming pool

I try to go swimming at the end of the day a couple of times a week. I love the university pool as it is only five minutes’ walk from Weston Park Hospital and such a big pool that there is enough room for all-comers. I find that a swim instantly washes away the stresses and strains of the day – just stepping off the side and sliding into the water relaxes me enormously and the meditative quality of swimming up and down the lanes works further magic.

Greenhead House restaurant, Chapeltown

My favourite restaurant is only three miles down the road from us and is our first choice for celebrating special occasions. The experience is always very intimate – it feels like we’re being looked after by friends – with the lovely lounge for relaxing in with coffee and petit fours and the attentive but not obtrusive service. The food is fantastic too – we always leave vowing to go back very soon.

Crucible Theatre

Whilst I do enjoy the Lyceum, my preference is for theatre in the round and the more intimate experience of the Crucible. I have a particular soft spot for Shakespeare and Glyn enjoys musicals. One of the things that has improved out of recognition since I arrived in Sheffield is the amazing array of lovely restaurants to eat out in around the city which means we can make a lovely evening of it.

Sheffield city centre

I really enjoy the occasional continental markets, particularly around Christmas. I love the Winter Garden and was delighted to realise some years ago that one of the galleries within the Millenium Gallery is available for hire for conferences.

At that time we were involved in organising an important meeting, which was attended by a number of very eminent doctors and researchers from all over the country. They were bowled over by the experience of arriving at the newly refurbished station and attending a meeting in such glorious surroundings. They all left no longer thinking that Sheffield is a grimy industrial northern city!

Grenoside village

When I met Glyn, who was working as the headteacher of a special school in Doncaster, we soon realised that it would be easier for him to commute if we lived on the north side of Sheffield, hence the move to Grenoside.

Initially it was a bit of a culture shock and I missed the convenience of Nether Edge - being within five minutes’ walk of Abbeydale Road. But with time I’ve come to the conclusion that I couldn’t live anywhere else.

The peace and quiet and the proximity to the woods are fantastic. I also love the fact that there is a real community feel to the village with the Grenoside Sword Dancers, Grenochase, parades and other activities.

As I drive home in the evening, the transition from the traffic on the A61 to the peace and quiet of the trees in blossom flanking Main Street is uplifting.


At the end of the day, my absolute favourite place to be is at home with Glyn. I love a soak in a warm bubble bath followed by an early night tucked up in our memory foam bed – it is so comfortable that it makes such a difference to the quality of a night’s sleep which stands me in good stead for the day ahead.