Walk this way: Scotsman’s Pack, Hathersage

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Countryside and village - route

1: From the pub turn left towards the village. At junction turn right and past the George Hotel. Keep straight on main road and under railway bridge, turn left at an acute angle, walking to left of the old barn. Cross field towards far right-hand corner. Go through stile and over stream to road, turn right and walk round corner.

2: Just past entrance to nether Hall cross the stile and walk down the track. Keep on right hand side of first field, cross the stile at the end (ignore the track to the right near end of first field).

3: Stay on right of second field to reach the road at Leadmill Bridge. Turn right over bridge, as you come to plough inn turn right up the lane. Where it bends right take the drive to the left. Walk along this, over cattle grid then bear left on the path.

4: Go down bank and across a meadow to a bridge. Cross bridge and walk up field to top left corner, through wicket gate, straight up tarmac drive. At top turn right along a track to reach a farm. Go through a couple of gates with farmhouse on your right and through a number of fields. Enter a plantation and go through the trees. 5: At a junction of two streams climb the stile crossing the stream to the peak and northern signpost. Take the track to the left leading uphill from the signpost.

6: Track levels out. Keeping fence on your right, descend to cross a stile. Stay on path until it descends to Stoke Ford. Cross bridge, turn right and cross another bridge. Turn left up the track beyond, ignoring the path to Offerton Moor.

7: Follow track for half a mile away from valley and right up into Abney. Turn right at road and walk beyond lane end farm. Climb stile on left then keep ahead to another stile 30 yards later. Stay on right side of field beyond, bear right over next stile continue to the one beyond. Stay on green track through heather and keep straight on for some distance to come out on Offerton edge above Hathersage and stunning views.

8: Path bears diagonally right down towards Offerton Hall. You should come out near the hall on a tarmac lane. Turn left and pass the hall. Fifteen yards later turn right through the gate at the side of a line of beech trees. Walk between fences and through gate at bottom of field. Walk down to river and across stepping stones. Do not cross if flooded! If flooded walk downstream to leadmill Bridge and trace outward route (above) back to Hathersage.

9: Once over the river turn right alongside it for 500 yards. Where it bears right, go left to a gate at side of road. Cross to stile opposite then go half right to railway line, over railway and half- right to quieter road. Turn right along this past old millstone to main road. Walk up left side, bear left at post office on Besom Lane past NatWest bank on right and continue to a track. Turn left along this. After 100 yards turn right towards the church and into churchyard with the grave of Little John. Leave by lychgate and turn right down the lane to Scotsman’s Pack.







HOW TO GET THERE: Hathersage is on the A6187, eight miles south-west of Sheffield. The Scotsman’s Pack is on School Lane which runs from the top of the main village street towards the church.

WHERE TO MEET: Scotsman’s Pack.

REFRESHMENTS: Scots-man’s Pack. Fine setting looking towards Hather-sage and Stanage Edge.