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Rumtickle Viaduct taken by Stocksbridge Walkers are Welcome
Rumtickle Viaduct taken by Stocksbridge Walkers are Welcome

This is an undulating walk which goes over Hunshelf Bank to Green Moor before dropping down into the Upper Don Valley. We then climb up to the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT), then under the Rumtickle Viaduct before passing Huthwaite Hall. We return via the banks of the River Don and open farmland. The route passes sites of historical interest including quarries, mills, railways and old houses.

The route passes sites of historical interest including quarries, mills, railways and old houses.

1. Leave the car park and turn left toward the trail. Go left on the trail for 100 m.

2. Just before the bridge over the road, take the path off to the right down to the road junction.

3. Cross the road and take the footpath down, over the stile, into the field. Cross the field keeping close to the fence on your left hand side.

4. Cross the stile and go through the gate, opposite, down to the River Don. Then either use the bridge or the stepping stones to cross the river.

5. Turn right. Pass two old gate posts on your left and bear left. Do not follow the river bank. Just before the rise, opposite the marker post, take the right turn up the hill. This part of an old trading route still retains the profile associated with a “Holloway” worn away by narrow wheeled vehicles.

6. After a steep 150 m, the track reaches three stone gateposts. At this point, take the left fork, up through the rhododendron bushes.

7. The path climbs up hill following the ridge. Through the trees, down to your left you may be able to see Tin Mill Dam.

8. The path becomes less steep as a stone wall and field appears on your right. Just after the third field, the path goes up some steps onto a lane. Go left along the lane, passing Holly Hall on your right, to the wooden gate. Cross the wooden stile and then take the right path continuing up the ridge.

9. As you approach the wind turbine, bear right, passing the turbine on your left. Cross a stile, pass under the electricity cables, straight on, with the stone wall on your right.

10. After a field’s length, a stone gateway leads into a field. Cross the field aiming for the copse which is straight ahead of you.

11. Cross the stile and drop down into Green Moor Delph. Follow the path to the right, ignoring a path to the left which goes up steps. At the junction, bear left, and continue down past the houses to the road at Green Moo.r

12. Turn right down the road for less than 100 m looking for a footpath sign indicating a path to your lef.t

13. Follow the path down by the side of a bungalow. Climbing the stile, drop down through the wooded area. Pass through a kissing gate and continue downwards. Cross another stile and bear left.

14. You will emerge into an open area. Head straight across, parallel to the main road (the road is uphill away to your left) crossing another footpath.

15. Head for the farm track that has a hairpin turn in it. Climb the stile and then take the right-hand section of the farm track down towards the farm.

16. Pass the farm and continue following the track, keeping the wall on your right.

17. Go through the gate, or climb the stile into the field. Cross the field and then swing down to the right, following the signed path towards the river.

18. Cross the river by the bridge.

19. Climb up to the road and turn left. Just after the first house on the left take the signed footpath between the properties. Follow the path, over a stile to the stepping stones. Cross the river using the stepping stones.

20. If the river is impassable, go back to the road and turn left. You will rejoin our route .

21. After crossing the river, take the path to the right up the hill.

22. Follow the path uphill. You will reach a crossroads where the path turns into a farm track. Straight ahead.

23. After 250 m, turn right down the farm track immediately after the farm buildings. When you reach the TPT (Blackmoor Crossing), turn right.

24. Cross the viaduct.

25. Before the next over-bridge and subsequently, the Thurgoland Tunnel, leave the trail by taking the path over the stile on the left at the bottom of the ramp up to the road. Follow the path by the retaining wall and then on the other side of the field until you reach the river.

26. Turn left over the stone stile, and then cross the field before going under the viaduct. Keeping the river on your right, follow the bank to the rise at the gate. Go over both the stone and wooden stiles and follow the path with the Old Mill across to your right.

27. At the road turn left up the hill. After 300 m, take the path to the right.

28. If you wish to pass under the Hunthwaite Tunnel, do not turn right, instead follow Old Mill Lane for a further 200 m. Then turn right onto the TPT, passing through the Hunthwaite Tunnel.

29. When you reach the Cote Lane bridge, leave the trail and follow the road down the hill, passing the Bridge Inn, on your right, to rejoin our route at 34.

30. The path rises steeply and swings left, passing through some stone gateposts. Do not cross the stile into the field, instead follow the path to the right keeping the wall on your lef.t

31. The path leaves the wood and crosses a field. At the corner of the field, go over the stone stile by the gate. Go along the path to the wooden stile into the field.

32. Turn right and cross the field toward the lane. Huthwaite Hall is to your right. Go through the gap in the wire fence and then turn right on the track heading towards the buildings.

33. Take the stile in the wall by the gate to your left and go across through fields to Huthwaite Lane.

34. Walk down the Lane to the main road then turn right. Go past the Bridge Inn, then take the path on the left just before the bridge.

35. Follow the path by the river. Ignore the footpath to the left which goes back up to the TPT. After about 200 m, the path rises up above the river and passes through the woods. There is another footpath to your left which also goes towards the TPT.

36. At the end of the woods, the path opens out at Chemistry Cottages. Turn left up a track between the cottages.

37. The track opens out onto fields. Follow the track across over the fields. Cross the bridge over the TPT and turn right to return to the start.

Hunshelf Bank, Green Moor, Huthwaite Hall

* Length 5 or 6 miles

* Grade – Undulating walk along well marked paths. Some rough ground with stiles and gates. Some sections can be boggy following wet weather. There are stepping stones across the River Don at 20. If these are impassable, the distance reduces from 6 miles to 5

* Start – Cote Green, Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) car park, Finkle Street Lane, opposite Plank Gate (near Wortley)

* Grid Reference – SK 299 993

* Public transport – the 23 Penistone/Stocksbridge/Barnsley bus passes the car park

* Refreshments – The Bridge Inn, Thurgoland

* Public Toilets – None on route

* This walk is described, in detail, on the website of Stocksbridge Walkers are Welcome:

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