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This walk starts by crossing the Langsett reservoir dam before going across farmland to the base of Midhope reservoir. The route then ascends through woodland. We then climb onto open moorland to the summit at Pike Lowe.

The route continues to the pack-horse route of Cut Gate path. We then follow the path down to Langsett Reservoir before returning to Langsett Barn through woodland. The moorland section is exposed and boggy. At points, the path across the moor is not clear. However the route can be followed as the objective of Pike Lowe is obvious.

1. From the Langsett Barn car park, go through the ‘A’ frame barrier in the south-east corner of the car park, by a wooden gate. Follow the path to the left diagonally down the slope.

2. At the bottom turn left following the wide track out of the wood and alongside the overflow from the reservoir to the public road across the dam.

3. Turn right and walk over the dam wall.

4. When you reach the first footpath on your left, follow the path through the field and over the stile into the wood.

Langsett Reservoir was constructed between 1889 and 1905, and is now managed by Yorkshire Water. It is around a mile long, with an area of 51 hectares and a depth of 29m. It supplies water to Sheffield and Barnsley. A temporary village of corrugated iron huts was built near Langsett village to house construction workers.

5. Continue down the hill through the woods towards the river.

6. Go over the stone stile and then go ahead along the track, rising up to the narrow metal gate. Go through the gate and then, passing through three fields, follow the path and then the track out on to Midhope Hall Lane.

7. Go straight on passing the foot of the Midhope reservoir dam and spillway. After passing the dam take the signed footpath up over the wall on the right. Be very careful as you climb this stile as it is very easy to injure your head on the metal footpath sign. Follow the path up the hill to the wooden gate.

8. Go through the gate and up into the woods. On your right, through the trees, you can see Midhope reservoir. Follow the path as it turns left along the top of the woods before it drops down to a wider track. Follow the track as it leads out through the double metal gate onto Mortimer Road.

Mortimer Road, also known as the Strines Road, was a turnpike road constructed by an Act of Parliament of 1771, following the line of an ancient packhorse route known as Halifax Gate which ran between North Derbyshire and the West Riding of Yorkshire.

It was built at the instigation of Hans Winthrop Mortimer, Lord of the Manor of Bamford, and completed around 1777. Mortimer wished to link Grindleford with the market town of Penistone to increase trade in wool and agricultural produce.

Mortimer Road would link at Penistone with the Doncaster-Barnsley-Woodhead-Manchester road, turnpiked in 1740 and the Sheffield -Huddersfield-Halifax road, turnpiked in 1777. At Grindleford it linked with the Sheffield-Ringinglow-Fox House -Buxton road, constructed in 1758.

9. Turn right and go up the road to the junction. Turn right along Gill Royd Lane back towards Langsett.

10. About 100m after the house, cross the stone stile on the left. Pike Lowe is the high ground up to the half-left, with the large cairn on the summit.

11. Follow the path up and slightly to the left. The path leads to an earthwork which is a shooting trench. Follow the path by the earthwork up the hill to the two windswept trees.

12. At the trees go straight up the hill. There is no clear path. After 400m, the route meets the track across the moor. The World War Two tank target towing foundations can be seen. Turn right. Proceed along the track to the metal gate.

13. Cross the metal gate and follow the line of the wall off to the left. The first section is very boggy. A drier route can be found to the right of the wall.

14. Follow the broken down wall until it ends.

15. Continue up the hill in the same direction, to the start of another section of wall.

16. The path is not clear at this section. Bearing slightly to your right, the route follows the highest point of the ridge. Look out for short marker posts. The path becomes clearer as it follows these posts.

17. Follow the path along. The path runs south of the higher ground, past a small rock outcrop.

18. Continue along the path until you are level with Pike Lowe. There is no path up to Pike Lowe, so just head to the summit.

19. After admiring the views return to the path to the south of the summit. Continue west following the marker posts.

20. At the first stone marker the path turns slightly to the left. At the second stone marker the path turns left and crosses a gully. Follow the path until it opens out onto the wide Cut Gate Path.

21. Turn right onto Cut Gate Path. You will follow Cut Gate along Mickleden Edge all the way down to the head of Langsett Reservoir. Do not take the right turn to North America.

22. Cross the bridge and go up the stone path. To return to the Langsett Barn car park take either the lower path on the right by the side of the reservoir, or go 100m further up the hill to take the high path along the top of the woods, making sure you enjoy the views across the reservoir.

Langsett Barn is used as a Park Ranger centre and is also available for community use. It is of timber frame construction, with a stone dated 1621 on the gable end. The big double doors would have allowed fully loaded horse-drawn carts to enter and unload.

The name ‘Langsett’ first appears in a charter of 1252 which tells of an agreement, whereby Walter de Houdham granted his whole manor at Langside to Elias de Midhope. In the 1870s, RH Rimington-Wilson, of Broomhead Hall, reintroduced the mountain hare to the area.

Pike Lowe via Midhope reservoir

• Length – 10 miles

• Grade –a mix of well-defined rough paths/tracks and open moorland.

• Start – Langsett Barn Car Park. Parking is free. It does get busy, so if it is full use the lay-by, which is 200 m further up the hill

• Grid Reference – SE 210 004

• Map – OL1 Dark Peak

• Public transport –National Express route 350 (Liverpool to Clacton-on-Sea) stops at the Wagon and Horses Inn, Langsett as does South Pennine Community Transport route 257 (Holmfirth to Stocksbridge, Wednesdays only)

• Refreshments – The Waggon and Horses Inn, Bank View Café, Langsett

• This walk is described, in detail, on Stocksbridge Walkers are Welcome Stocksbridge Walkers website.)