100th birthday bash for Sheffield care home’s longest-standing resident

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Nellie Bennett proved you are never too old to enjoy a good knees up – with a party on her 100th birthday in Sheffield.

Broomgrove Nursing Home’s oldest and longest standing resident enjoyed a complimentary facial and champagne before her bash.

Nellie has lived at Broomgrove Nursing Home, off Ecclesall Road, for the past 17 years.

Her memories of life growing up in Sheffield have been especially pertinent in recent months as she can still remember 1918 Armistice celebrations in the city.

In those days she lived on Petre Street in Pitsmoor and she says the occasion is her earliest memory.

She said: “We had an open yard and I could see lots of people hugging and kissing.

“I remember I was wearing a white coat and frock. It was a sunny day and everybody was drinking tea.”

She also has recollections of the Sheffield Blitz in December 1940.

Nellie said: “I can still remember parents and children coming into the shelter screaming.

“We lived opposite Ellesmere Road School in Pitsmoor and spent Blitz night in the school boiler house.

“The noise of the bombs got gradually worse and the ground would shake – I can still remember the ‘whooshing’ sound they made.

“I slept on a door that night and had to walk to work the next day. The devastation was terrible.”

Donna Pierpoint, manager of Broomgrove said: “It’s so wonderful to have someone like Nellie living with us. She has led an interesting life and is a true inspiration for all of us here.

“She enjoyed a wonderful birthday and it’s a day we’ll remember for a long time.”