£500,000 Lottery boost means work on Manor Lodge can be completed

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THE final piece in the jigsaw of transforming Manor Lodge in Sheffield into a community heritage centre has been put in place thanks to a £500,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund announced this week.

While previously focusing on the Tudor period and life of Mary Queen of Scots, the new scheme will reflect the wider social history of the site and cover the Second World War, the surrounding housing estate and colliery mining village.

Derelict cottages and barns will be restored as part of a three-year project run by Green Estates Ltd. One of the features will be a WWII Evacuee Experience Education Centre.

The site off Manor Lane includes the ruins of Manor Lodge, the restored Turret House, the new Discovery Centre and the Manor Oaks farm complex.

Project leader Sue France said: “For us and for so many others who have worked to bring this almost forgotten history of Sheffield to life for so many years, this grant really is the realisation of a dream.

“It will give us the opportunity to finish the transformation of the whole site – and as importantly to use the process to establish a really vibrant neighbourhood centre where lessons from the past are applied to the future.

“So far our main story has been about the nobility – now we can focus on the remarkable craftspeople and tenants that also helped to shape both the social and economic history of Manor Lodge and Sheffield.”