A cow of a job for fire crew

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IT wasn’t a run-of-the-mill call for firefighters from a farm in Sheffield.

They were asked to help a cow that had fallen over and become distressed as it prepared to give birth at Green End Farm in the hamlet of Holdworth near Bradfield in the north of the city.

Because of the animal’s weight, farmer David Marshall could not move it, so he turned to a crew from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service which used a sling to push the cow into a calving box where a bull was delivered.

David’s wife Jean said: “We are grateful to the fire service for helping – they sent four strapping lads who were able to use their strength to get her into the calving box. They were absolutely brilliant.

“There was no way we would have got her in without their help. The cow was in distress and could not get up after going down but was able to deliver the calf and that is doing well. It wasn’t a normal everyday job for the firefighters but they knew what to do and it was a great help.”