A huge prize Highland BULL was spotted walking down the road in Rotherham this morningÂ

From cats to dogs and sheep to swans, we've all spotted the occasional animal walking down the road.Â

By The Newsroom
Friday, 02 November, 2018, 14:49
Bull in Rotherham - Credit: SYP Operational Support

It can cause a bit of a stir with motorists and locals as they try and shepherd the animal out of harm's way. 

But it was a slightly different story on one street in Rotherham this morning. 

Residents in Thorpe Hesley were left shocked when they spotted the huge prize Highland Bull walking down the road. 

Lennie was seen walking down Upper Wortley Road as motorists and locals watched on in disbelief. 

Thankfully, Lennie ushered in the local car wash before being taken back up the road to his field. 

Karilyn Robinson commented: 'Can only imagine what the police thought when this was reported. Lol.'