A Little Angel - family and friends pay respects to girl who inspired much-loved charity

funeralsd''COLLECT PICTURES'Molly Hurditch who passed away following an epileptic seizure
funeralsd''COLLECT PICTURES'Molly Hurditch who passed away following an epileptic seizure

HEARTBROKEN family, friends and supporters came together to say goodbye to the teenager who was the inspiration behind one of Sheffield’s best-loved charities.

Crowds of mourners turned out for the funeral of Molly Hurditch, who died after suffering an epileptic seizure.

The 17-year-old, who lived with a host of health complications and disabilities, was the inspiration behind the Amy’s House charity in Handsworth for children with special needs. It was named after her older sister Amy who died from meningitis 12 years ago, aged eight.

Yesterday the family - which includes mum Jayne and grandparents Maurice and Meriel Littlewood - had to deal with the heartbreak of saying goodbye to a second daughter and granddaughter.

A funeral cortege carried the coffin, adorned with pink and white roses, to Handsworth Methodist Church for the service. A Winnie The Pooh bear also lay alongside a bouquet of flowers and a poem called A Little Angel.

Molly, a pupil at Talbot Specialist School, died earlier this month.

She lived with epilepsy - along with autism and speech and mobility problems - after being diagnosed with partial lissencephaly, a condition which means the brain does not develop properly in the womb, when she was 13 months old.

Amy’s House was set up by Maurice - who received the MBE in this year’s New Year’s Honours list for his services to the Handsworth community - in memory of Amy.

It was driven by a desire to help children like Molly after he and his wife saw Jayne struggling to access support locally for their granddaughter.

Today the charity, based at Ballifield Primary School, is thriving, with 30 registered families who also use its services in school holidays and at weekends.

Jayne said she hoped the legacy left by both Amy and Molly in Sheffield would help her and her family through their latest tragedy.

“Molly was a wonderful person,” she said.

“She loved to make you laugh and always put a smile on your face.

“She was sweet and loving.

“Now all we can hope is that, if there is somewhere after this place, Amy and Molly are together again.

“I just hope Molly does not have to suffer all the things she had to deal with on earth. I hope she is happy and healthy with Amy.”

Visit www.amyshouse.org.uk for more information.