A swan escaped from Hillsborough Park – so this is what one Sheffield family did

When this swan escaped from Hillsborough Park, one family made it their mission to get it back. 

At around 11pm last night, Mia Mcgowan and her mum Emma Allott stumbled across a swan which had run free from Hillsborough Park. 

Swan in Sheffield - Credit; Mia Mcgowan

Swan in Sheffield - Credit; Mia Mcgowan

Mia said that the swan was holding up traffic on Dykes Hall Road when her and mum decided to step in. 

In the videos, the swan can be seen walking down the middle of a road in front of cars before wandering off of the main road. 

Mia and her mum are then seen approaching the swan, with four people ushering it back onto the main road and guiding it down the street. 

Eventually, they were able to guide the swan for over a mile safely back to Hillsborough Park pond. 

Emma said: “The swan made its escape from Hillsborough park this evening and made its way along Middlewood Road and up Dykes Hall Road.

“It even got as far as the Castle Pub before my daughter and I, along with two other local residents stepped in to help. We spent the next half an hour stopping traffic and slowly coaxing it back to the pond in the park.

“It was met by its babies, so maybe it was just over worked mother swan desperate for a bit of 'Me Time'? Anyway, it's back where it belongs, but it certainly caused a bit of a stir tonight.”