A year in the life of city gardens

Artist Anthony Marshall publishes new book of pictures from Sheffield Botanical Gardens
Artist Anthony Marshall publishes new book of pictures from Sheffield Botanical Gardens

THESE stunning snaps have helped capture a year in the life of a city landmark – as you’ve never seen it before.

The shots were taken from a new digital book created by artist, author and photographer Anthony Marshall, to highlight the wonder of the much-loved Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

He visited the attraction – located a mile from the city centre, just off Ecclesall Road – more than 50 times last year to complete the project.

Images are close-up, minimalist and abstract, taken from different viewpoints, rather than more traditional sweeping vistas, and were created using a combination of photography and digital techniques on an iPad computer.

Hathersage-based Anthony, aged 66, said: “What the book is about is this space and how extraordinary this small 19-acre garden is. It has so much texture, detail and colour inside it.

“I never went to the garden with a specific idea, I just turned up on the day and, wherever the light was good, that’s where I went.

“Considering we have had the wettest year on record, the garden has never failed to supply an extraordinary range of colour and effects.”

Ian Turner, curator of the garden which opened in 1826 and includes thousands of species of plant and tree, has also written a foreword to the book. It is available to download in various formats online, priced from £2.49.

Anthony said: “This is not really about selling books, it’s about telling people about this space. The gardens afford visitors a space to think, dream and be inspired, but above all to enjoy – and they shouldn’t forget to look up.”

Visit www.anthony-marshall.com to preview and buy Sheffield Botanical Gardens, A Contemporary View.