Action to smarten up university’s doorstep

The courtyard at the Butcher Works off Arundel Street, Sheffield.
The courtyard at the Butcher Works off Arundel Street, Sheffield.

A PACKAGE of proposals to make the roads safer and more attractive near Sheffield Hallam University’s city centre campus has been given the go-ahead.

Councillors approved the project, to be financed by the university, after being told that extra off-street parking spots were being made available to help compensate for on-street spaces being lost.

Wider pavements and new street lights are planned in the Arundel Street and Charles Street area part of the Cultural Industries Quarter to give more priority to pedestrians.

At present, narrow pavements mean that pedestrians sometimes step into the road and there have been near-miss accidents. Some of the problems are caused by drivers looking for a parking space. “Currently, it is not a very safe or attractive environment,” said a council report.

Councillors deferred a decision last month because of concerns that too many parking spots may be lost, and motorists could find the area difficult get around, especially in the evening when they could going for a night out in the city centre.

Now they have been told that Hallam is making 21 spaces in its car parks available to the public, which will be free after 6.30pm during the week and all Sunday.

The authority ruled out banning all traffic in the area because there are several car parks plus residents and businesses who need access. A weight limit on lorries was also deemed impractical.

A public consultation exercise genera-ted a “generally supportive” response.