American students show off magic steps

'Kaboom'. ''Copyright BYU Photo.
'Kaboom'. ''Copyright BYU Photo.

Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Company from Utah in the United States have come to Britain with a show called Capture the Magic.

The award-winning show at the City Hall on Saturday features an array of spectacular formation dancing including gliding waltzes, Fifties sock hop style rock and roll, and high-energy Latino rhythms.

The company holds the impressive accolade for being the first ever American dance group to win the prestigious British Formation Championships. They are also current USA Formation Dance Champions.

In 2010, they became champions of both Ballroom formation and Latin dance at the Blackpool Dance Festival.

And they are back again this summer hoping once more to returni Stateside as champions.

In the meantime the group are bringing their breath taking dancing, lifts and spins to the UK in an exclusive tour stopping at London and Sheffield only, adding to the City Hall’s impressive line up of dance shows for 2013.

Formed in 1971, the Ballroom Dance Company has established a prestigious international reputation for shows combining traditional formation dances and standard ballroom steps with fresh choreography, spectacular lifts, stunning costumes, and energetic melodies.