Anger after yobs attack boat in Doncaster on Christmas Day

A boat owner has spoken of his anger after his narrowboat was attacked by yobs on Christmas Day.

Thursday, 27th December 2018, 7:47 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 4:15 pm
The attack took place while the boat was moored near Sprotbrough.

Narrowboat enthusiast Steven Widdowson told how a trio of vandals smashed windows on the vessel in Sprotbrough shortly after his family and friends had finished Christmas dinner.

He said: 'What is wrong with people in this country?

The attack took place while the boat was moored near Sprotbrough.

'They started throwing things at the boat, smashing our windows leaving us with gaping holes to try and fill in this freezing weather.

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'I am so angry, especially that it happened on Christmas Day.'

Mr Widdowson said the boat was '˜quietly moored up' at Sprotbrough on Christmas Day with family on board.

Writing in the Narrowboat Owners' Group page on Facebook he added: 'We had had a lovely walk into the village and then returned to the boat and had a fab Christmas dinner.

'It had just gone dark and we where watching TV when three c**** turned up in a car on the opposite bank and started throwing things at the boat, smashing our windows.'

Others shared their anger over the attack and urged Mr Widdowson to report the incident to the police.

John Layland wrote: 'Quite an unnerving experience I would imagine. You can rest assured the cowardly scum will have their comeuppance.'

Gareth Jones said: 'Crikey. We moored up there when up that way. Thought it was a nice spot. What scum. Feel for you.'

Susan York added: 'What utter morons. So sorry to hear that as it will be an expensive job replacing your windows. Please make sure that you call the police as, even if it's just to get a crime number, it'll make them aware there is a problem in that area and, you never know, they might actually arrest the scum.'

Kerry Buxton Buckland posted: 'How awful for you all . Some nasty folks about.'