Announcing birth of the Sheffield Egg

Michael Dungworth left and Peter Moulam and the Sheffield Egg
Michael Dungworth left and Peter Moulam and the Sheffield Egg

You’ve heard of Bakewell Pudding and the Barnsley Chop – now prepare for the area’s next great taste sensation: the Sheffield Egg.

A new concept, developed by a partnership of Sheffield producers, the egg was officially launched last night by Lord Mayor Dr Sylvia Dunkley.

Among the guests of honour was 17-year-old Michael Dungworth, the Sheffield student and budding entrepreneur who is behind the project.

Michael, who attends the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, had always wanted to produce his own food. So last year he took on an allotment in Harthill, began growing fruit and vegetables, and built up a small flock of free-to-roam chickens.

Starting with a couple of ex-battery hens, he then spread his wings into more unusual breeds, crossing them with Silkies, Dorkings and a Copper Maran. He now has 26 birds, each producing up to 300 eggs a year.

The Sheffield Egg was born after Michael went on a three-week work placement to PJ Taste in Glossop Road.

Restaurateur Peter Moulam was impressed with his enterprise. He says: “It was clear that his attention to detail produces an amazing tasting product that was crying out for a wider audience.”

So the two of them worked on ideas to showcase the eggs in an interesting way – and came up with a twist on the traditional scotch egg.

They developed a ploughman’s-style covering using pork from Povey Farm in Sheffield’s Moss Valley combined with PJ Taste chutney and Yorkshire cheese.

A dash of Henderson’s Relish gives a distinctive Sheffield tang, further emphasising the local heritage.

Crucially, the egg is then tossed in toasted breadcrumbs and baked rather than deep fried – making it healthy too. 

Michael says: “Peter’s very driven and he has a lot of innovative ideas. This has all happened very fast, but it’s amazing to think I went along to do work experience and ended up with a partnership!”

The Sheffield Egg is now on sale at PJ Taste for around £2.85. It is packaged in a compostable container on a bed of seeds, with a label specially created by city-based designer Cindy Cheung.

Lesley Draper