Armed police swarm estate after man injured in ‘drive-by shooting’ at Doncaster pub

Armed police have flooded a Doncaster estate this evening amid reports a man has been shot in a drive-by shooting at a pub.

An eyewitness said emergency servics, including a helicopter, swarmed the Woodfield Plantation estate following reports shots were fired at The Maple Tree pub, Woodfield Way at around 9pm.

The Maple Tree pub, Doncaster. Picture: Google

The Maple Tree pub, Doncaster. Picture: Google

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The witness said: “There’s a lot of talk that somebody has shot into the pub and there are loads of police.”

Another eyewitness said a car drove past the pub and fired shots through the window and shot a man sat inside the pub.

She said the victim was a 21-year-old man and he has been taken to hospital.

South Yorkshire Police said its officers were dealing with a ‘serious incident’ at the pub.

We have asked for more information and are awaiting a response.

More to follow.