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Under the Bed Sale 2012 at Cupola Gallery, Hillsborough
Under the Bed Sale 2012 at Cupola Gallery, Hillsborough

Under the Bed sale

ONCE again Cupola Contemporary Art has been rummaging under the bed and gathered together a vast array of original work that artists have been hoarding away but are now happy to sell off at bargain prices.

Painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, mixed media, glass, photography, jewellery, furniture and everything in between figures in the Under the Bed Sale 2012. Prices range from £1 to £300 maximum.

The Cupola’s Karen Sherwood explains the origins of the Under The Bed. “It all started many years ago when a local artist invited me into their home and started pulling out all this work from under her bed,” she says. “When I asked her why it was there she explained that it wasn’t current work, that essentially it was ‘out of date’ and not something she would show if offered an exhibition.

“So, I asked her if she would sell it, to which she responded, ‘Yes of course.’ But I continued: ‘How can you sell it if you do not show it?’ Thus we came up with the Under The Bed Sale. “And it has proved so popular with artists as well as customers that it has to come back every year and often there is a queue of eager customers waiting at the door.”

There is an opening evening on Friday, January 20, 7.30pm-9.30pm and the sale continues until February 5.

Stairclimber boost

ON Wednesday Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus will open up exciting new possibilities for mobility impaired singers when BBC Radio 4’s Disability Affairs Correspondent Peter White launches its Singclude Project at the Memorial Hall.

Funded by Big Lottery Awards for All, Singclude – a collaboration between the Chorus and Sheffield International Venues – is centred around the use of a portable electric stair-climber to enable singers with severe mobility impairments to access the often temporary seating areas provided for choirs.

City Hall general manager Richard Hunter said that SIV was proud that one of their venues was probably the first in the UK to provide a stair-climber for this purpose.

Chorus chairman Julie Smethurst said the ground-breaking Singclude project would open up choral singing at the highest possible standard to a so far very under-represented group of people.

They hoped to be able to share their stair-climber with other musical organisations whose members might be able to benefit from using it.