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Local Newspaper Week 2013
Local Newspaper Week 2013

Who would ask questions and hold those at the top to account if it wasn’t for your local newspaper?

We are celebrating Local Newspaper Week at The Sheffield Telegraph this week.

The annual event has a focus on press freedom and highlighting the importance of our right to scrutinise authority and hold the powerful to account.

In every edition of The Sheffield Telegraph you will find stories which wouldn’t have made it into the public spotlight if it hadn’t been for us pressing politicians, business bosses or senior public servants.

And we would like to hear from as many of you, our readers, as possible on what you think the role of your newspaper is or should be and how important you believe local newspapers are today.

Although all newspapers face the challenge of the digital age, there are still 30.9 million people who read their local edition every week, making it the most widely read print medium in Britain.

The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Lord Judge, who supports Local Newspaper Week, said: “Local newspapers are an invaluable asset to their communities. They hold those who exercise power within communities to account. They comment, cast light on, and where appropriate criticise the activities of local government. And they strengthen communities in other ways.

“They allow local successes to be celebrated.”