Baby delight for Sheffield visa row couple

Marc Hanson with son George, born in the Philippines
Marc Hanson with son George, born in the Philippines

THE Filippino girlfriend of a Sheffield man refused a visa to enter the UK despite being pregnant has now given birth.

Marc Hanson and his family are campaigning for Ella Quepet to be allowed into Britain.

In the meantime, they have flown out to the Philippines, where Ella has given birth to George Marc Hanson.

Marc’s mum Kim Hanson said: “George weighed in at a whopping 8lb 6oz - there have been complications though.

“George’s heart was still struggling to keep up so he has been in an incubator since he was born - they think he has an infection around his heart which they are treating with antibiotics.

“Marc and Ella can only spend 15 minutes a day with him but they are allowed two hours a day to look at him through a glass window while he lies in his incubator, it’s so sad to see.

“We are keeping our fingers crossed this sorry situation will not last for too much longer.”

Marc and Ella plan to get married in the Philippines and are registering George with British consular officials.

Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield is to meet with immigration minister Mark Harper on behalf of Marc, who fell in love with Ella Quepet three years ago when the pair were working on ferries from Hull.

Ella was laid off and returned home and Marc followed - but he is on a tourist visa so is unable to work. The couple, both aged 28, want to return to the UK.

Marc’s parents Kim and Robert Hanson, of Walkley, will offer their son a job and have pledged to use their combined £70,000 annual income to ensure Ella is not a ‘burden’ on the state.

But third party income cannot be considered and Marc must spend a year in the UK to ‘prove’ he can earn sufficient income.

He can bring his son with him but not Ella who must face a new visa application.