Bard pens poem on city suburb

Poet Ian McMillan.
Poet Ian McMillan.

BARD of Barnsley Ian McMillan has headed south from his roots to wax lyrical about part of Sheffield.

The poet has penned a verse about the hilly suburb of Wincobank, after a request from legendary boxing trainer Brendan Ingle, who is based there.

Ian’s verse focuses on the ‘positive aspects’ of the village and the regeneration work which has been carried out in the area since the community suffered from the closure of nearby steelworks.

The poem talks of the area’s past from Celtic and Roman times to the present trials and tribulations as people struggle for money due to the banking crisis and recession - but ends on a hopeful note calling the suburb ‘a bank which won’t go bust’.

Brendan said: “I’m delighted that Ian has written a poem for us, it’s absolutely fantastic.

“I think it is very clever the way he has used the idea of bank and I’m sure other people will agree. We are the only place in Sheffield that Ian has written about, which makes Wincobank even more special.’

Ian added: “When Brendan asked me if I would write a poem about Wincobank, I agreed immediately. I know the area well and it’s a very special place.”

He added: “I have combined two ideas, the historical/community regeneration aspect and the idea of a bank.

“I hope people like it.”


Stand with me on Wincobank Hill:

Feel the pull of the past and the present’s power

In a place where time never stands quite still

Where you can pack a life into half an hour

Where the Celts made homes and the Romans played

And you can roll an egg or take a walk,

Where proud folks live and friends are made

And the air is loud with Sheffield talk

About Wincobank, how it needs us all

To tell its story and sing its song

And answer its questions and heed its call

‘Cos the past has gone but tomorrow’s long.

We all know banks have had a really bad time;

For the past few years we’ve seen ‘em slump

Cos their compound interest sub-sub-prime

Has made all the bankers seem like chumps

Well here’s a bank that won’t go bust

A place that we can really thank

For repaying our time, our love, our trust:

So Invest your future in WincoBank!