Big night for writing project

Members of a creative writing group for people with learning disabilities have produced their first book, Nowhere the Warmth Can Escape, which is having a red carpet launch at Sheffield Mencap and Gateway, in Park Grange Croft, near Norfolk Park, tonight (Thursday November 14).

It is a collection of short stories and poems created by the group. Tutor Jonathan Raimondi explains: “Through asking questions, listening and writing everything they say as quotes, and letting the ideas build upon one another, they create the most beautiful stories.”

At the same time a clinical psychologist who has taken an active interest in the project has noted a positive change in the group members’ mood.

“We’ve made a real point of wanting to do their stories justice,” continues Jonathan, “so have marketed it and had the cover designed in a way that will hopefully have mass appeal, and really take people by surprise and show them the abilities of people with learning disabilities.”

The launch promises to be a special night with VIPs joining family and friends and guests helping read out the stories.