Bishop recommends ‘clever’ Lily Allen track

Lily Allen
Lily Allen

THE Bishop of Sheffield has recommended that churchgoers should listen to Lily Allen as a preparation for Easter.

Dr Steven Croft says Lily’s hit song The Fear is the ideal listening material for participants in a new pre-Lent course.

But the Bishop stressed church groups should only play the radio edit of the 2009 track, instead of the uncensored version which is littered with four-letter words.

The song is listed in the Exploring God’s Mercy course book, which was drawn up by Dr Croft and uses music, DVDs and podcasts as novel Bible study aids.

Dr Croft said he believed The Fear captured a “certain spirit” of modern culture, and he thought it was a “clever” song with interesting puns.

He added: “There is the kind of mindset expressed to which I think the Christian gospel has a great deal to say.

“I’m not commending it as a way to think, but the song sums up a particular way of seeing the world which is very common, which is confused and afraid, but also confident.”

The Bishop added: “There is a pretty clear instruction in the book to group leaders to check out the lyrics first and to make sure that they use the radio version.”

Last year Prime Minister David Cameron said he had banned his six-year-old daughter Nancy from listening to Lily Allen CDs because some of the lyrics were “inappropriate” for a child of her age.

Dr Croft, a father of four grown-up children, said he also wouldn’t have allowed one of his children to listen to uncensored versions of Lily’s songs at primary school age.

Other material recommended for the course includes the Neil Diamond song Pretty Amazing Grace, as well as clips from Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and the movie 2012, a tale about the end of the world.