Body found in Sheffield street - VIDEO REPORT

POLICE have mounted their eighth major investigation into a death in the county in five weeks after the body of a young man was found slumped in a pool of blood on a Sheffield street.

The man in his late teens or early 20s was discovered near a launderette at the junction of Page Hall Road and Hinde House Lane, Page Hall, at 5.30am yesterday.

Blood on the streets at Hinde House Lane

Blood on the streets at Hinde House Lane

A stream of blood was seen running from the scene which was cordoned off by police, but officers have been unable to say how the man, who has not been named, came to die - or whether the death is suspicious.

The probe into the mystery fatality comes as South Yorkshire Police chiefs are dealing with an unusually high number of investigations into murders.

Over the past five weeks officers have launched eight separate inquiries into deaths in the county - including six murders and one manslaughter.

Officers are investigating one murder in Sheffield, two in Barnsley, one in Rotherham and two cases of murder and one of manslaughter in Doncaster.

In the latest incident shocked residents woke up to discover the entire length of Page Hall Road cordoned off with police tape between Firth Park Road and Barretta Street.

All the side streets leading to the scene, alongside the Washeteria launderette, were also taped off and police officers stood guard to keep pedestrians and traffic away.

Residents and businessmen who gathered at the police barrier, unable to get to their homes or businesses, spoke of their shock at the death.

Saeed Hussain, 36, whose father runs the Washeteria launderette, said: “It was shocking to pull up and find all the tape and blood around the launderette - for something to have happened on our doorstep.

“This is a close-knit, family-orientated area - everybody knows everybody, so for someone to have died or been hurt will cause a lot of upset.”

Newsagent Shoukat Ali, 46, said he opened his shop on Page Hall Road at 5.15am.

He added: “When I arrived everything seemed normal, but about 10 minutes later a lady came in and said there was an ambulance further up the road and a police car.

“At about 6am lots more police arrived and that’s when they started putting the police cordon in place and all they would say was that there had been an incident.”

Russell Smith, who has lived in Page Hall for more than 30 years, said the pool of blood is close to where groups of youths congregate at night.

He added: “They hang around drinking and smoking and it can get noisy because there are lots of kids from different backgrounds living in the same area so they are always ‘chasing status’.

“It can be intimidating for people who don’t live in the area but if you are from here you just learn to live with it and accept it.

“I haven’t seen as much blood as that on the streets before - it shocks you.”

Waseem Khaliq, 43, who runs new business, the Illuminating Venture travel agency, said: “I usually find it a really busy and safe place during the day - there’s always lots of life and hustle and bustle - but I know it’s not the same at night.

“My brother owns the phone shop next door and was held up with a gun in an armed robbery last year.

“There’s always kids hanging about at night so it’s not nice to see all this blood where they stand.”

Kashmir Malik, aged 31, who works in Fir Vale Mosque, added: “Residents were waking up to find their homes inside a police cordon but were given no explanation why.

“There were parents having to walk little children to school past all the police, the tape and the blood and there was nobody telling them what had happened. Those little children went to school terrified and confused.

“When incidents like this happen and large areas of your community are cordoned off the police should be talking to residents - they have a duty to.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “Emergency services were called to Page Hall Road in Sheffield at 5.30am on Monday.

“The body of a man, thought to be in his late teens or early 20s, was found on Page Hall Road at the junction of Hinde House Lane.

“Detectives are investigating the circumstances of the death.”

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 0114 2202020 quoting incident number 119 of March 28.