Book club opens in Sheffield as part of worldwide reading community

Book club meetings will take place at Crucible Corner in the city centre
Book club meetings will take place at Crucible Corner in the city centre

A new book club has been set up in Sheffield, where readers can join others all over the world to enjoy the same book at the same time.

Gemma Jackson, aged 24, of Handsworth set up the Sheffield branch of the popular ‘Poppy Loves Book Club’ – an online organisation founded by blogger Poppy Loves London – to encourage those living in the city to come together through a love of reading.

After moving to Sheffield a year ago, Gemma began searching for a book club to meet new people and find a place where she could share her interest of reading.

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However, discovering only a few in the city and none nearby to where she lived, she stumbled upon the ‘Poppy Loves Book Club’ and decided to open the first in Sheffield called ‘coffee and books’. 

Book Club Captain Gemma said: “We will meet up on the last Friday of the month at Crucible Corner. Poppy Loves Book Club is an online organisation and they decide the book of the month, which we each then go and purchase to read.

“We will then meet up, and talk about what we have read but the meetings are very informal and casual. It is about discussing the books but also meeting like minded people with similar interests.

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“It provides an opportunity to meet new people, and even if you are not that interested in books you may meet someone with similar interests for a chat and a coffee and it could go from there.”

The organisation encourages book lovers to take the reigns and either set up their own club, or join one of over 40 in places such as New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia, Iraq, Australia, Germany, USA, Italy, Bali, Malta and the UK.

Although ‘Poppy Loves Book Club’ predominately cater for a female audience, Gemma says at there are no restrictions for men wishing to join her club specifically.

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With over 10 people showing interest so far, the first club meeting is set to take place on Wednesday January 30 – a change in schedule to the original Friday – where they will discuss this months book 'How To Stop Time' by Matt Haig. 

After reading the books, members can also join in online discussions and chat to authors. 

To find out more or to get involved visit the Poppy Loves Book Club Sheffield Facebook Page, or @Sheff_bookclub on Twitter.