Boost for stroke survival charity

Kate Allatt (right) and Alison Stokes with Nick Clegg
Kate Allatt (right) and Alison Stokes with Nick Clegg

CHARITY champion Kate Allatt is taking her campaign to the highest level after enlisting the support of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Kate, aged 40, of Dore – who launched her Fighting Strokes charity after suffering a brain stem stroke last year – appealed to Mr Clegg as her local MP.

He agreed to meet her at her home to discuss both her story of recovery and her vision for the charity. And she was doubly thrilled when Mr Clegg volunteered to introduce her to the health minister in London.

Kate and fellow Fighting Strokes trustee Alison French spent more than an hour with the politician, relating her experiences of ‘locked in’ sydrome and discussing ways of improving the prospects for stroke survivors.

“We also made the strong case that only 5% of the total stroke budget is spent post-hospital,” said Kate. “Stroke is the third-biggest killer behind cancer and heart disease – it affects one in six people.

“Mr Clegg listened and was very interested – professional but relaxed. If the meeting with the health minister comes off, then job done!”

Kate has recovered from being in a coma and fighting for her life, unable to move anything but her eyes, after a stroke 21 months ago.