Bra-vo for charity: Which bra fits which Sheffield stylist?

Guess who: Hair Union salon stylists put privacy on the line.
Guess who: Hair Union salon stylists put privacy on the line.

THESE ladies aren’t afraid to air their laundry in public - and that’s because it’s all for a good cause.

The lasses at the Hair Union salon on Abbeydale Road South in Sheffield are causing quite a storm in a DD cup after coming up with a novel idea to raise cash during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The women have all donated one of their bras, which have been strung up on a washing line inside the salon.

Customers are being asked to guess which bra belongs to which stylist in return for a donation to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Salon owner Kathryn Broadhurst said: “It’s just a bit of fun really to raise money for breast cancer and it has created a bit of a buzz in the salon.

“We are predominantly females working with a lot of other females and there isn’t one of our stylists who doesn’t know someone who is receiving treatment for breast cancer or going through an operation.

“It is a constant talking point in the salon and we have three customers whose hair is regrowing after chemotherapy.”

Clients are asked to guess which bra belongs to which hairdresser and Kathryn said some of the guesses were easier than others.

She said: “We have got bras of all shapes, sizes and colours hanging up and it’s obvious who some of them belong to while others are not so easy to guess.

“We’ve also decorated the inside of the shop in pink.”

The competition is £2 to enter and the ladies are running it until the end of October, which is breast cancer awareness month.

Kathryn said: “We have a lot of clients who have also recovered from breast cancer too and it’s great to see they are still with us.

“It affects all age groups. We hear about it and we all take a gasp because it seems to be getting more and more common.”