Brave tot’s family back search for a Superkid - NOMINATE SOMEONE YOU KNOW FOR A YOUNG HEROES AWARD

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BRAVE Niamh Coyne has been through more in five years than most do in a lifetime - and she has The Star’s Superkids award to prove it.

The youngster’s courageous story, a battle through two liver transplants, touched the hearts of judges last year to win the special award in our search for inspirational youngsters.

And, as we launch the hunt for children who are one in a million for the 2012 awards, Niamh’s mum Hannah Wilkins has shared what the plaudit meant.

Hannah, of Totley, said: “It was amazing for Niamh to win The Star Superkids award.

“We were really touched that people had thought of her, because she had seen some adversity and got through it but to have that sort of recognition is amazing.

“She was carrying the award around all night!

“She was so proud and we were really proud of her for winning. We still just can’t thank everyone enough and the readers for supporting her.

“It is heart warming to know people are thinking about you.”

Niamh was born with a rare liver condition. She is now doing well at St Thomas of Canterbury Primary, in Meadowhead, Sheffield, after finally getting the all clear last year, enjoying music classes and continuing to show she is a little fighter.

Hannah urged other families to nominate their heroes for the awards.

She said: “Go for it and see what happens, it could lead to something amazing.”

SUPERKIDS is in its 16th year - and we need readers help to make it the best ever.

Do you know a child or teenager who has overcome adversity, shown exceptional talent or made sacrifices?

If so the awards, which culminate with a glittering ceremony in May and have Frankie & Benny as the main sponsor, could be the perfect place to recognise them.

The categories are:

Sports Award - Recognises outstanding achievement in a sporting field through skill or determination.

Bravery Award - Honours a child who has shown exceptional bravery by overcoming great odds or being courageous through trauma.

Young Citizen of the Year - Rewards youngsters who make a difference in the community and inspire others.

Fundraiser of the Year - A salute to a person or group that has helped a cause through their commitment.

Educational Progress Award – Success in the education system is recognised in this category.

Supporting the Family - For a child or children who support relatives in times of need.

Special Award - To recognise an inspiring youngster whose inspirational achievements do not fit into other categories.

The Environment Award - Entrants must show how they help the environment at school, home, or elsewhere.

Triumph Over Adversity Award - Plaudit for a child who has overcome extreme adversity with strength.

Music & Performing Arts Award - Highlights great ability in the music or performing arts.

n Nominations should be posted to Superkids, Promotions department, York Street, Sheffield, S1 1PU or emailed to

They must include the name of nominee, nominator and contact details with a brief description, under 100 words, of why they should be a Superkid.