BREAKING: Callous couple jailed after horrific murder of Sheffield man inside flat

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A 'sickening' couple who murdered a defenceless Sheffield man attacking him with knives and a screwdriver have today been handed life sentences.

David Webster, aged 49, of Leppings Lane, Hillsborough and Alison Moss, aged 46, of Fox Walk, Walkley, will spend 53 years between them in prison for the murder of 47-year-old Craig Wild.

Mr Wild, who was described as 'popular' the 'life and soul of the party' and a person who made people 'laugh out loud' was murdered inside Moss' Walkley flat in what was described as a 'brutal, savage and sustained' attack.

The 47-year-old was found covered in a blood-stained duvet in the flat, with over 117 separate injuries, caused by a Stanley knife, kitchen knife, screwdriver and as a result of being punched, kicked and stamped on.

The family in a victim impact statement said there was now 'a gap' in their lives now Craig was gone which 'cannot be filled'.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Mr Wild attended Moss' flat to try and diffuse an ongoing row with her neighbour and as the couple threatened to 'stab his dog'.

But inside the flat, an argument broke out and Webster launched into a vicious drug-fuelled attack followed by Moss with the pair pouring salt into Mr Wild's wounds in what was described as a 'sadistic' act.

His injuries were so severe, Detective Chief Inspector Dave Stopford said it was the 'worst he'd ever seen' in his 32 years of policing.

The court heard the couple were 'fuelled by sexual jealously' for each other and Moss would 'egg Webster on' knowing he would fly into a violent rage.

On his arrest, Webster was even bragged about how he would have disposed of Mr Wild’s body had officers not turned up at the address when they did.

Webster, who remained expressionless throughout the sentencing, was seen at one point to smile and nod to a supporter outside the court room door. He showed no emotion as the sentence was passed. He was jailed for life with a minimum term of 24 years and two months.

Moss, who was said to have 'lied' throughout her trial, was jailed for 29 years. One member of the public gallery waved to the killer and said 'see ya' as she was led away to the cells.

The judge, Mr Justice David Holgate said: "Mr Wild suffered the most brutal, savage and sustained attack that resulted in his death.

"He suffered a high degree of mental and physical pain for a significant period of time before he died He was heard by a neighbour pleading for his life."

The court was told Webster had only been out of prison three months on licence after he was jailed for life for another violent attack in October 2000.

Moss was on bail for a previous offence when she carried out the murder of Mr Wild.

Detective Chief Inspector, Dave Stopford said: “Webster and Moss are two violent, sickening individuals who have shown absolutely no remorse for what they did to Mr Wild.

“Not only did they carry out a relentless attack on the victim, who was utterly defenceless, they then proceeded to pour salt on to him in this sadistic murder.

“Moss stated that she had sat on the settee and covered her face throughout the attack, when really, we were able to prove she participated in the murder.

“The pair made every attempt to hide what they had done and I’m pleased that they have had their freedom taken away and will be behind bars for what will hopefully be the rest of their lives.”

A statement from Mr Wild's family said: “The impact our dearest Craig’s death has had on our family is one of total devastation for all of us who loved him so dearly.

“As Alison Moss pleaded not guilty we have had to go through the harrowing process of a trial. It’s been too much for most of us to attend and hear the shocking details of the way that Craig was killed.

“We, as a family, would like to thank South Yorkshire Police, the CPS and the Victim Homicide Service for their continued hard work and their support through this process.”

Webster pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing. Moss was found guilty by a jury.

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