BREAKING: Ram-raider targets two Sheffield pawnbrokers - WITH VIDEO

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A man is in custody after he ram-raided one Sheffield pawnbroker and attempted to ram another after escaping from the grasp of security guards.

The man, described as white and in his late-20s, was seen to drive his black BMW into Cash Converters in Holme Lane, Hillsborough at around 8.50am this morning.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "The man was detained by security guards, but there was a struggle and he broke free."

After breaking free, the man got back into his car and drove 200 yards to Ramsdens in Middlewood Road, Hillsborough.

The spokesman added: "He then threw a brick through the window and attempted to drive his vehicle into the shop as well, but he was stopped."

The man was arrested at the scene and is now in custody.

Police have not yet confirmed whether he managed to steal anything from either business.

Cash Converters, which sells jewellery and a range of other second-hand goods, is currently closed.

A staff member at Ramsdens declined to comment but confirmed Ramsdens would be closed for the rest of the day.