Brexit: Doncaster campaigners to join London march calling for People's Vote

Campaigners from Doncaster will join a nationwide march in London this weekend calling for a people's vote on any Brexit deal.

Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 13:00 pm
Campaigners will march in London calling for a People's Vote on any final Brexit deal.

On Saturday, grassroots campaigners from Doncaster will join others from all over the UK and Europe to march in London in support of a People's Vote on the UK's final deal with the EU.

Campaigners will march in London calling for a People's Vote on any final Brexit deal.

The People's Vote March for the Future will begin at noon on Park Lane, ending in Parliament Square, where a rally will take place with a wide range of speakers.

UK-based campaign groups ranging from non-partisan local groups such as Best for Doncaster, to party-affiliated groups from the full range of the political spectrum, to sector-specific groups such as '˜NHS against Brexit' will be joined by groups of UK citizens living in EU countries to march together in London.

The march will be led by a large group of young people, whose futures will be most affected, and for the longest time. 

Joining them will be campaigners from across South Yorkshire and North-East Derbyshire.

A spokesman for Best for Doncaster said: 'Their aim is to show MPs that the country does not back the current Brexit options on the table and needs a People's Vote now more information is available than was in 2016.

'Since its creation in January 2018, our Doncaster group has grown significantly' says Frederika Roberts, Chair of '˜Best for Doncaster'.

'We have seen through the '˜Brexitometer' events we have held so far that, regardless which way people voted in 2016, they are now keen to have a final say on any Brexit deal through a People's Vote.'

An unprecedented number of coaches from all parts of the UK, including a number of free coaches sponsored by celebrities have been booked to take campaigners to London for Saturday's march.

For more information about the march, including meeting points and available coaches, go to