Burglaries halved in Sheffield student areas

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

HOUSE burglaries in two Sheffield suburbs more than halved in November after increased police patrols and targeted operations in vulnerable areas.

Operation Kritter, which combined an increased visible police presence with covert elements, saw burglaries in Ecclesall and Crookes fall from 86 in November 2011 to 40 last month. Sneak-in burglaries fell by 37 per cent.

The operation began on Thursday, November 1, after an increase in burglaries around Ecclesall, Crookes, and Broomhill – places with high numbers of student and multiple-occupancy homes.

Temporary Detective Sergeant Luke Kiely, who led the operation, said: “It is clear the increased police presence in these crime hotspots has been an effective deterrent to would-be burglars and demonstrates our commitment to reducing the number of burglaries across Sheffield.”

Patrols around areas of student accommodation began in September to coincide with the new academic year.

Intelligence gathered from patrols allowed police to develop Operation Kritter, paying particular attention to areas that saw an initial increase in burglaries.

A number of arrests were made, including eight as a result of increased police surveillance.

Officers have also been testing doors – and when they have been discovered unlocked officers have even entered houses to alert residents.

Temporary Detective Inspector Mark Cockayne said: “The results from this operation demonstrate the fantastic work done by officers to tackle this serious issue.”