£10m hub for research to be opened by university

Universities Minister Jo Johnson Photo: Oli Scarff/PA Wire
Universities Minister Jo Johnson Photo: Oli Scarff/PA Wire

Sheffield University will open a £10m research hub to develop new manufacturing techniques to upgrade industry and boost the UK economy.

It is one of six universities chosen to explore hi-tech sectors including targeted biological medicines, 3D printing, and composite materials.

The hubs will draw together expertise from 17 universities and 200 industrial and academic partners.

Universities and science minister Jo Johnson announced the hubs, which will be funded by the government.

He said: “Developing new innovative manufacturing techniques will help UK industry create new products, explore more business opportunities and ensure the UK becomes more competitive and productive.

This investment will lay the foundations to allow industry and our world-leading universities to thrive for years to come and is the type of project that our upcoming industrial strategy will look to support.”

Nottingham university is also involved.

search council’s chief executive, said: “Some of these new hubs will build on the solid foundations of earlier Centres for Innovative Manufacturing while some, like the hub at the University of Sheffield, are completely new ventures that have strong links with industry and organisations such as the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.”

Today’s announcement follows the government’s Autumn Statement commitment to invest an additional £2 billion per year for research and innovation by 2020/21.