£21m on LED student lights

A student accommodation company with eight blocks in Sheffield is set to spend £21m converting all its UK properties to LED lighting.

The Unite Students contract with electronics company Philips is believe to be the biggest residential deal in the UK involving 120 blocks in 23 towns housing 41,000 students.

In Sheffield, the firm has 3,728 beds in The Forge 1 & 2, The Anvil, Leadmill Point, Exchange Works, Devonshire Courtyard, Central Quay and Archways.

Some 19,641 lights will be installed starting in autumn and completing half way through 2015. Nationally, more than 300,000 new light fittings and 85,000 sensors and dimmers will be installed.

The huge conversion is set to cut Unite’s carbon footprint by around 3.5 per cent and pay for itself within five years. LED lights last longer and use 90 per cent less electricity than incandescent bulbs.

Richard Smith, managing director for Unite Students, said: “We are pleased to announce this partnership with Philips and our investment in LED lighting, which supports Unite Students’ commitment to providing a home for success for the students that live with us. The new lighting will create a more inviting space for students which they can personalise for socialising or study. At the same time it will reduce Unite’s carbon footprint and the longer lifecycle of LED lights will significantly reduce maintenance workloads for our city teams.”

Dan Scott, commercial director, office & industry, Philips, said they had already surveyed the Unite properties.

Unite says LEDs will be installed in corridors, kitchens, lounges, common rooms, and receptions.