£25m road under Tinsley Viaduct waits for green light

Views of the Tinsley Viaduct
Views of the Tinsley Viaduct

Sheffield is awaiting the final Government approval for a £25m road between Sheffield and Rotherham that goes under the Tinsley Viaduct.

Contractors are lined up ready to begin construction of the proposed route between Meadowhall Way and Sheffield Road.

In particular, it is designed to create a faster route for buses. There would be a series of bus priority features, with a limited number of stops to speed up journeys and passengers would be able to buy tickets before boarding.

But all traffic would be able to use the road, easing congestion on the M1 junction 34 roundabouts and, it is hoped, helping to attract investment to the Lower Don Valley.

One of the potential obstacles to the nearby IKEA is the prospect of snarl-ups on the M1.

The remaining key to unlocking the ‘Bus Rapid Transit Northern Route’ is £15.4m to be confirmed from the Government’s Department of Transport, which would trigger £8.1m from Europe. A decision is imminent.

A £2.2m contribution from developers who would benefit from the road is also part of the proposed financial package - a risk that the council is preparing to underwrite. It says the chances of clawback are “very low”.

Councillors are expect to give their commitment next Wednesday, advised by their officers that the spin-off could be up to 4,000 jobs. Carillion and North Midland Ltd are waiting to start work.