£3bn clean coal power plan up for private sale

Plans for a £3bn clean coal power station creating 4,000 jobs near Hatfield Colliery could be back on track after it was put up for sale.

Owners 2CO Energy have started negotiations with Norwegian company Sargas to sell the Don Valley Power Project over the summer.

The scheme looked set to collapse in 2012 after the Government rejected it from its £1bn funding competition without explanation, provoking fury in Doncaster.

2CO Energy said last year it was optimistic it would find private funding. But nine months on and talks over selling it have now started.

The project would see coal from Hatfield Colliery used to produce energy. Waste carbon dioxide would be transported by pipeline and stored in rock formations under the North Sea.

Some £60m has already been spent on the project, it has planning permission and licenses to connect to the National Grid and for the supply of water.