A peak into the past as mall clocks up 25 years

Crystal Peaks celebrating their 25th Anniversary this Year...Centre Manager Lee Greenwood
Crystal Peaks celebrating their 25th Anniversary this Year...Centre Manager Lee Greenwood

IT was built to serve the rapidly developing suburbs in the south east of Sheffield, opening its doors a couple of years before Meadowhall.

Now Crystal Peaks is celebrating 25 years.

The complex has changed since it was officially opened by mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington in June 1988 and offered internal features such as aski lift suspended from the roof.

It lost its ten screen cinema in 2003 to competition from Valley Centertainment and Meadowhall in the east end, although not before it staged the premier of The Full Monty. Crystal Peaks was one of the first purpose-built multi-screen cinemas in the country and the first to close.

Mall extensions were added in 1998 and 2007. A retail park has sprung up on the doorstep, and recent changes in the main mall have included the arrival last summer of Marks and Spencer.

The current tally is 94 shops, 100 market stalls, two tram stops and 13m visitors a year. Some 1,600 people work there.

“Crystal Peaks has always been about the local community,” says manager Lee Greenwood. “It was built specifically for the new estates which appeared here in the Seventies and Eighties. Until then, this area was largely farmland and the new communities had no town centre. We became that town centre.

“That means we are a destination for people coming from across Sheffield and North Derbyshire to have a day out but the centre’s also a place where people who live nearby can come and do their local shop two or three times a week.”

The centre was developed originally by Chesterfield Properties and is now in the hands of another property company, Hermes.

It is celebrating 25 years by supporting 25 charity projects.

“We wanted to make our 25th anniversary celebrations as special and as inclusive as possible and that’s why we decided to move away from our usual single Charity of the Year approach,” said retail and marketing manager Laura Mathewson.

Applications are now being sought from charities and organisations.

“We want to hear from absolutely anybody who thinks we might be able to help them,” said Laura.

“That help could include anything from organising fundraisers within Crystal Peaks to us going out and giving our time for free to help with something like a community garden or a building project. Alternatively, you could find us taking part in a sponsored run or some other sort of challenge event.”

Contact customerservices@crystalpeaks.uk.com or Laura on 2510457.