Anger as hundreds lose internet line

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Business News

Hundreds of internet users appear to have been cut off after the plug was finally pulled on South Yorkshire’s £150m Digital Region broadband network.

Origin Broadband customers reacted with fury after being disconnected when the fibre optic network was finally shutdown on Thursday.

The Doncaster firm’s Facebook page, Twitter feed and forums went into meltdown as individuals and businesses posted messages about the loss of service and being unable to reach the helpdesk.

Digital Region was losing £1m-a-month when the Government announced its shut down a year ago.

On the Origin’s Facebook page Tony Bishop wrote: “I run several online businesses. I now have no business phone and no internet. I’m already £1000’s down in lost revenue and will be looking to recoup losses from Origin.”

Scott Pritchard: added: “At your most critical time, you’ve failed on promises, you’ve failed on timescales and you’ve failed on communication. You’ve provided no details on what’s gone wrong. When will service resume for customers without a connection?”

In a statement Origin said: ‘We were advised by a major telecommunications company that a special project could be put in place to facilitate seamless migration to our new network. When the time came for this to be implemented, we were advised the costs could potentially be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds - which rendered this a completely impractical solution. We had to find a new solution at the last minute. This resulted in our struggling to contact every customer and result in downtime for some users. A recruitment drive is scheduled to continue as we deal with the aftermath of the closure and drive new revenue moving forward’.