Barnsley veteran launches new training firm

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An ex-military woman has founded a training company to teach survival techniques to disadvantaged young people.

Illuminate Training Services was set up 12 months ago in Barnsley by Leigh Humpleby, who had previously served in the Army for eight years, touring in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The company specialises in creating orienteering challenges, in which groups of young adults, aged 16-24, have to deal with mock casualties.

The exercises involve the group finding casualties with simulated injuries from fake broken bones and serious wounds to a severed hand.

The group then learn the essentials of how to react if they were to come across such a casualty.

Illuminate has already worked with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust Get On Track, which uses sport to create a better future for marginalised young people, and The Really NEET Project, created by Sophie Maxwell, that helps young people who are not in education or employment.

Ms Humpleby, aged 29, said: “Having served in the Army as an operating department practitioner and combat medic, I know the importance of reacting quickly to save people’s lives and I want to pass this on to youngsters in the hope that one day they might also be able to save a life.

“I’m a hands-on learner, and I’m not convinced that you can learn that much from looking at a PowerPoint presentation, especially something as vital as first-aid.

“I get really positive feedback from everyone who takes my courses.”