Bars can finally stay open later

Long-running attempts by the owners of the West One complex in the Devonshire Quarter to secure council permission for the bars and restaurants in The Plaza to stay open later finally paid off this week.

Councillors decided that the units should be allowed to stay open until 1am on Thursdays and 1.30am on Fridays and Saturdays. The current curfew is half past midnight.

It was the third time in just over a year that owners of West One had asked for longer hours for Vodka Revolution, 23 Bar and Restaurant, Las Iguanas and The Hop, and this time councillors rejected their officers’ advice and residents’ objections to give the go-ahead.

Councillors were told that many other bars and restaurants in the Devonshire Quarter were able to stay open as late as 3.30am and they were persuaded of the benefits for the night-time economy.

Objectors, including Glossop Road Baths Residents Association and local councillor Jillian Creasy maintained that the area was a predominantly residential area and bar and restaurant operators were aware of the curfew when they opened their premises.

Planners said that it was difficult to strike a balance between promoting the vitality of the city centre and protecting the living conditions of residents, but they had not changed their view that the longer hours would create too much disturbance.

Owners of West One, a residential, commercial and leisure complex near the corner of Fitzwilliam Street and West Street, submitted reports to indicate that most of the noise comes from traffic rather than customers.