Beat the commute - try a garden room office

Mark Cornwall, left, and Jeremy Hogan of RoomsOut
Mark Cornwall, left, and Jeremy Hogan of RoomsOut

More people working from home spells good news for a new Sheffield company.

RoomsOut was established by Jeremy Hogan of Whirlow and Mark Cornwall of Holmesfield and they say an increase in sales and enquiries coincides with a rise in people working from home.

Jeremy said: “It’s deemed a temporary structure and can be built in a day, provided a base has been installed first. It’s as simple as buying a shed.”

Owners of the EcoSuite home offices - which can cost up to £10,000 - avoid paying business rates on premises and travelling, parking and potentially clothing costs.

He said: “This notion of being in the office all day is increasingly outdated.”

The garden rooms were designed by Mark Cornwall who has an insulation business.

He took the plans to a manufacturer which struck a deal with Jeremy and Mark to act as sole agents to sell them nationwide.

Most are used as offices, but they’re also used as a bunting factory, pilates studio and beauty salon.