Bid to spread pressure on city ‘dumpit’ sites

Traffic queues to get into the recycling site in Blackstock Road.
Traffic queues to get into the recycling site in Blackstock Road.

Changes are set to be made to the opening days of three of Sheffield’s five household waste recycling centres in an attempt to spread the workload better and reduce queues at the busiest.

The ‘dump-it’ site off Blackstock Road in Gleadless Valley is due to be opened on an extra two days, making it a six day a week operation.

However, the council is proposing to close the High Green and Deepcar sites on an additional day of the week, so there is no overall extra cost to the authority.

The two other locations - off Douglas Road in Shirecliffe and Beighton Road - would remain as they are.

Three days a week were removed a year ago from the city’s household waste recycling centres in the face of cuts in Government grants.

The authority has been under pressure to review the opening hours as a result of queues of vehicles for the Blackstock Road and Douglas Road centres. Critics said it was a mistake to make the ‘dump-it’ changes at the same time that black bin collections were switched from weekly to fortnightly.

Now the aim is to address the uneven demand.

“This change would maximise the use of Blackstock Road, while allowing residents the opportunity to still use Deepcar and High Green at peak times,” says a report to councillors next Wednesday.

Blackstock Road handles the same amount of waste as the combined volumes of Deepcar and High Green, despite being open less.

The volume of rubbish going through all centres, which are run by the Green Co, previously SOVA, under contract with council partner Veolia, has not changed significantly since the drop in opening days, says the report. The sites handle about 26,000 tonnes a year, of which 74% is recycled.

“The proposals should strengthen the recycling performance as improvements in the flow of traffic - less pinchpoints for customers queueing for access - will provide more time for the operatives to assist customers in segregating their waste for recycling.”

Under the plan, Shirecliffe is open every day, Blackstock Road is closed only on Wednesdays (not on Tuesdays and Thursdays), Beighton is closed only on Tuesdays, Deepcar is closed on Tuesdays as well as Wednesdays, and High Green on Wednesdays as well as Thursdays.